NAMM 2024: MuSonics - Vanilla 5U Monster

US A walnut cabinet full of vintage goodness      27/01/24

At NAMM 2024, we hooked up with Suit and Tie Guy, who introduced us to the Vanilla Synthesizer, a departure from the Eurorack modular format toward a more East Coast leaning complete instrument. Suit And Tie Guy describing it as a walnut-cabinet beauty packed with 70s goodness in American format, says the Vanilla Synthesizer promises a unique blend of vintage aesthetics and cutting-edge functionality. Boasting solid gold artwork, it features two LFOs, two VCOs, one filter, two envelope generators, two VCAs, and a mixer. Suit and Tie Guy showcased the control distributor, a device that minimizes patching by efficiently distributing CV and gate inputs to various components of the synthesizer with cable-free operation, though patching is available in the style of iconic synths like the ARP 2600. While not a limited edition, it has limited availability due to its meticulous construction process, and that each one is built to order.

Vanilla Synthesizer Available to order. Price 2,500 USD

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