NAMM 2024: Musik Hack - Master Plan

US Updates and new features for the mastering plugin      26/01/24

At NAMM 2024, we met Sam at the Music Hack booth, where the Master Plan mastering plugin takes the spotlight. Although not a brand-new product, Master Plan has undergone significant updates, making it a versatile and efficient mastering tool. Sam told us that Master Plan is designed to offer a middle ground between overly simplified mastering plugins and overwhelming, complicated ones. Master Plan focuses on the essentials, featuring prominent controls for tone, loudness, and width, providing users with the ability to make impactful changes effortlessly. With innovative algorithms combining attack, release, compression, limiting, and clipping into a unified system, Master Plan promises a streamlined mastering experience.

Sam demonstrated its capabilities, showcasing features such as unity mode, mono-safe width control, and various tone-shaping options, including saturation and tape emulation. While Master Plan is primarily designed for end-stage mastering, creative users have explored alternative applications, employing it on mix buses as a tone box, experimenting with unique textures.

Sam also revealed that Music Hack is working on an iPad version of Master Plan. 

Master Plan Price: 175 USD

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