NAMM 2024: Morphor - Plectrum

US BBD based Karplus-Strong unit with full CV control      26/01/24

Sonic State caught up with Eli from Morphor Radical Acoustics at NAMM 2024 to delve into their intriguing range of Bucket Brigade Delay (BBD) modules. Eli introduces the Plectrum, Morphor's second version of the AP1, highlighting its fully analog design using a 124-stage Bucket Brigade Delay chip. The new version features CV-controlled feedback, allowing users to manipulate the length of the notes even up to self-oscillation, providing a wide range of sounds from subtle to extreme. 

Continuing to use BBD modules, Morphor have created an Ensemble with eight-voices in stereo that serve as a powerful chorus on steroids. Eli also unveils three new essential modules, including a VCO, a VCA with an inverted ADSR envelope, and a versatile LFO all available soon. 

Plectrum Price: 200 USD

Ensemble Price: 350 USD

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