NAMM 2024: Stylophone - CPM-DS2 - Theremin

US The classic company returns with evolving drones and outer space sounds      25/01/24

At NAMM 2024, Matt from Stylophone showcased the company's lineup of classic products, including a pink Stylophone, Beat, Gen X1, and their newest product, the CPM-DS2, a compact portable modular drone synthesizer. The CPM-DS2 features two voices with a resonant filter and is designed for creating elongated evolving drones. It lacks VCAs and envelopes, but the synthesizer wrangles a lot of fun and flexibility from its main LFO for modulating waveforms, pitch, and filter frequency. It can also be played without plugging anything in, generating notes and melodies from within. The CPM-DS2 can be powered by batteries, external power, or integrated into a Eurorack system. 

In addition to the CPM-DS2, Stylophone also displayed their Theremin. The Theremin can be played using its antenna or a slider, offering continuous control and an octave range. It also includes built-in delay effects. Both the CPM-DS2 and theremin are available for pre-order on the Stylophone website, with notifications being sent to customers when the products are ready to ship. While there isn't an exact release date for the theremin, it is expected to arrive within a couple of months.

CPM-DS2 Available to preorder. Price: 209 GBP. 239 Euros. 259 USD.

Theremin Available to preorder. Price: 90 GBP. 100 Euros. 110 USD.


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