NAMM 2024: Nektar - Panorama CS12

US A dedicated channel strip and pluging controller for Logic Pro      25/01/24

At NAMM 2023 Tim Chandler from Nektar Technology told us about the recent updates for the Nectar Panorama CS12. The CS12, a channel strip and plugin controller for Logic Pro was initially unveiled as a prototype last April, but is now ready to ship. The integration with Logic, a standout feature, remains a key focus, allowing users to control channel strips seamlessly and avoiding limitations posed by traditional MIDI controllers.

Tim led us through three key features that set the CS12 apart: tactile control using a motorized fader for precise adjustments, simplified automation processes, and the innovative InControl Core plugin mapping technology. The CS12's pricing, set at $399, €399, and £349, positions it competitively in the market. With a promised arrival in the U.S. by February and Europe shortly after, the CS12 seems poised to make waves in the music production world. For more detailed information and a closer look at the showcased features, check out the full video here and stay tuned for its arrival in stores.

Nektar Panorama CS12 Price 399 USD. 399 Euro. 349 GBP.

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