NAMM 2024: Modbap - Meridian

US digital dual multimode stereo filter array      25/01/24

At NAMM 2024, we caught up with Corey from Modbap at their booth, where he showcased the latest addition to their product line, Meridian. This 14 HP digital multi-mode stereo filter array boasts a unique design, featuring left and right sides with four types of filters and four modes each. The central filter acts as a macro control, providing additional modes like high pass, band pass, and low pass. Meridian is designed to be a versatile creative audio processor, offering a drive circuit with bit crushing, a phase shifter for added movement, and stereo panning capabilities. 

In addition to the Meridian, Corey showcased two other noteworthy modules – the Trinity drum synth and its companion, the Hue effects processor. Trinity is a three-channel drum synth that bridges the gap between various synthesis types and sample-like sounds. Offering FM, analog-like, additive, and arcade noise synthesis on each of its three tracks, the module introduces unique features like randomization, cycling modes, and stacking for creative drum sequencing. The Hue effects processor complements Trinity with a drive circuit, tape saturation, lo-fi adjustments, and a compressor, enabling users to transform the sound of their drums significantly.

Meridian Price: 449.99 USD

Trinity Price: 599.99 USD

Hue Price: 299.99 USD

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