Free Sounds From 166 Drum Machines

US Autodafe releases Mega Drum Machines for Decent Sampler      23/01/24

Autodafe has released Mega Drum Machines for Decent Sampler. Here's the details direct from Autodafe...


  •     More than 150 Drum Machines
  •     4 new Doepfer A-100 Modular kits (from Autodafe DRM-32)
  •     2 new chiptune drum kits (from Autodafe CHPT-1


Mega Drums Collection contains samples from 166 Drum Machines in total

Most of the samples have been around since forever, I believe, I simply started to organize them a bit.

What has been done:

  •     Each kit has been mapped in a General Midi format (more or less, many old drum machines only have 4-5 sounds)
  •     Each Kit has a Filter with Cutoff and Resonance, A Delay with Time and Feedback, adn a Reverb with Size and Mix Controls


It took hours and hours getting the kits ready. The Collection is free but please consider buying the "Supporter Edition" which is Only 5 Euros.

You can also donate after checkout .

Pricing and Availability:
You can chose the Free Version or the Supporter Version at €5.00

More information:


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