Uninstalling Mac Audio Plug-Ins Gets Easier

US Wide Blue Sound updates AUDIO PLUGIN UNINSTALLER      04/12/23

Uninstalling Mac Audio Plug-Ins Gets Easier

Following a recent soft-launch, Wide Blue Sound has announced availability of the v1.1 update to its AUDIO PLUGIN UNINSTALLER plug-in. They say that, praised upon its initial availability as the easiest way to uninstall audio plug-ins on a Mac by acting as a one-click solution to effortless plug-in management, it now has several significant new features to its name, making it an even more attractive proposition to Mac-based music-makers than ever.Here's the details direct from the company...

It is an unfortunate fact of modern-day music technology that audio plug-ins install files all over computers, and each developer has a different philosophy about where their files should go. Fortunately for Mac-based music-makers, there is now a one-click solution to effortless plug-in management -- namely, AUDIO PLUGIN INSTALLER from Wide Blue Sound.

Simply put, two modes of operation make using AUDIO PLUGIN INSTALLER easy: entirely new to the v1.1 update, Uninstallers mode works by reading the original installation receipts and reversing the process, making sure not to uninstall files used by other plug-ins; if a plug-in does not appear then it does not have a normal receipt -- in which case it is still possible to remove it using All Plugins mode, which can delete any plug-in.

Additionally, All Plugins mode includes Filter by Plugin Format, a new drop-down menu that filters by a specific format, allowing users to easily remove the formats they no longer use, or simply monitor how much hard drive space they are using, while Reveal in Finder -- accessed by right-clicking on a plug-in -- makes it easy to manually quarantine a plug-in while troubleshooting.

Why would anyone want to do what it is that AUDIO PLUGIN UNINSTALLER does so well? Well, it is, for example, easy to try demos, discovering amazing audio plug-ins safe in the knowledge that they will not end up cluttering a hard drive since they can just as easily be removed, while troublesome plug-ins that are crashing a session or not showing up at all can also be removed in one click. Cleaning up that all-important plug-in list need no longer be a head-spinning exercise involving scrolling down a long list of plug-ins, but rather removing old stuff that is no longer needed to quickly create a zen-like space to create. Easily exploring installation packages to find presets, preferences, and other hidden files for any plug-in is another excellent example of AUDIO PLUGIN UNINSTALLER usage.

Unplug and play perhaps best describes AUDIO PLUGIN UNINSTALLER. After all, anyone bringing modern-day music technology into play instinctively knows that peaceful playing is key to creativity, so surely there is no reason not to have access to this plug-in as far as any Mac-based music-maker is concerned.

AUDIO PLUGIN UNINSTALLER is a standalone app that works with all audio plug-in formats -- including AAX, AU, CLAP, RTAS, VST, and VST3 -- and is currently available to download for free.

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