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US Compact, orange, streaming sampler      31/10/23

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The newest in the 1010 Music nano-box range, the Tangerine packs a lot of power into a tiny box, perhaps moreso than previous models. With 24 voices of stereo sample playback, and 8 channels of stereo disc streaming its a clip launcher, one-shot sample, multi-sample instrument solution.

Chris B from Battery Operated Orchestra takes a break from their album launch (check it out, its a goodie) to take a look. 

Tangerine also has 16 layer multi-sampling built in, with its own MIDI triggering and sample recording engine to  ingest your finest instruments automatically.

The only downsides we can see is the limited single stereo output (two would have been fab!), and the cost - as you might want more than one of these to handle live duties if discrete outputs are required. 

But we could still see this being the heart of your computerless playback and sample handling system for live work. it could handle drum hits, multi-sampled instruments and stem playback in something smaller than your phone - amazing!

Tangerine is shipping  November 2024, priced at $399


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