Roland JX-3P Updated

US V2.0 software adds high-resolution interface, universal patch browsing, Circuit Mod, and new sounds      25/10/23

Roland JX-3P Updated

Roland says that the landmark JX-3P has received the full v2 treatment, including a refined, high-resolution interface, universal patch browsing, Circuit Mod, and all-new sounds.

A spokesperson told us, "The JX-3P v2 goes beyond other v2 updates in that it also includes an improved ACB (Analog Circuit Behavior) model making it even more accurate to the sound of the original analog hardware, and a completely overhauled user interface with a faithful reproduction of the sought-after PG-200 Programmer."
Updates include:

  • Completely overhauled user interface
  • Browse and tweak
  • Mod shop
  • Improved Circuit Model

Pricing and Availability:
Free update

More information:


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