Soniccouture Releases Waterphone Collection

US Two new instruments for NKS & Kontakt Player: Waterphone Unwrapped & Waterphone Phrases      24/10/23

Soniccouture says that the Waterphone is an endlessly enduring instrument with a limitless capacity for otherworldly effects, but asks can it play a tune you can whistle?

The answer to that according to the company is that it can now, thanks to their unique new collection of two new instruments. This is what they have to say about them...

Waterphone Unwrapped: Featuring a chromatically tuned and playable set of tines - a sampling feat never achieved before. Tines are played with bows and mallets.

Waterphone Phrases: A huge set of 366 performances, each of which can be mapped, reversed and played chromatically at the click of a button using Soniccouture's unique
FOCUS mode.

Pricing and Availability:
€129 | $129
Until 10th November you can get 30% off Waterphone. Discount marked on website.

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