Automatic Reverb Automation Tool

US CARP Audio releases Reeferb      16/10/23

CARP Audio has released Reeferb which they describe as an automatic reverb automation tool.

A spokesperson told us, "Are you tired of spending endless hours fine-tuning your reverb automation to achieve that perfect balance in your audio productions? Look no further than Reefberb, the game-changing audio plugin that simplifies the complex art of reverb automation with unparalleled precision. Designed to revolutionize your workflow, this plugin effortlessly adds reverb where it's needed most, creating a dynamic and immersive audio experience with just one twist of a knob."

Key Features:

  • Automated Reverb in Real-Time: Reeferb is your silent collaborator, listening attentively to your audio source and adding reverb only when space is available.
  • Customizable Control: Take control of your reverb automation with additional settings that allow you to shape the reverb precisely to your liking. Fine-tune the plugin's behavior to match your unique creative vision effortlessly.
  • Input Bandpass Shaping: Reeferb's input bandpass allows you to sculpt the source audio that the plugin uses for its detection system. Achieve unparalleled accuracy and control over the reverb automation process.
  • Time-Saving Solution: Say goodbye to the tedious process of manually configuring reverb automation. Reeferb streamlines the setup, saving you valuable time while delivering exceptional results.
  • Calibration Excellence: Our plugin is meticulously calibrated to ensure optimal performance, making it the most advanced reverb sidechain automation tool on the market.

Pricing and Availability:

On sale at £21

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