Podcast: Sonic TALK - 774 - Synthfest UK, Maximus, 1010 Tangerine, Akai APC64

US And more...      12/10/23

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77:36 mins


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00:00:17 SHOW START
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00:23:06 Analogue Solutions Maixmus
00:29:56 Akai APC64
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00:43:16 1010Music Tangerine
00:57:30 nickhowesuk asks  via - [twitch] - QQ for this week. Given Ben Jordan Jorb and others now seem to be on the warpath against Behringer do the panel feel like it's time to just all just enjoy what kit we have/own/want to use and not spend an eternity bun fighting about music technology as most of us don't care if you have a room full of CS80s or Jupiter 8's what we care about is making music and enjoying our hobby/profession

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