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US Is 400 note polyphony enough for you?      10/10/23

For those who follow the Yamaha products, this is not really much of a surprise, but the introduction of a new Yamaha  workstation class instrument is always a bit of an event. The new Montage M  range (M6, M7, M8) was officially announced last night and brings the new AN-X engine to the mix - its an extension of the AN synth engine that many felt was a classic of its time. Renowned for its analogue modeling the AN-X is now given a three oscillator plus noise, twin filters with 10 filter types, voltage drift and aging functions to make it even more analogue like.

Yamaha Montage M 8 X

Also included is the AWM-2 engine for those great PCM based workstation classics, plus the FM-X engine for an advanced set of FM voices. Yamaha will also be bringing an Expanded Softynth Plug-in in 2024 - essentially you can run a Montage M  as a plug-in.

Add to that the USB midi and audio interface, external input and you get all the usual stuff but with incremental upgrades like 9.97GB preset waveROM, 16 libraries (640 performances per library), 3.8 GB user flash memory, plus the 7" TFT touch screen interface and you have a pretty powerful music creation and performance machine.

A significant upgrade from the original MONTAGE's 256 notes, MONTAGE M offers up to 400 notes of polyphony across its three engines:

  • 128 notes for AWM2 Preset Waveform Parts
  • 128 notes for AWM2 User Waveform Parts
  • 128 notes for FM-X Parts
  • 16 notes for AN-X Parts

The Montage M8X also adds a poly aftertouch enabled keybed too.

MONTAGE M6: £3219
MONTAGE M7: £3629
MONTAGE M8x: £4049


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