Synthfest UK 23:MIDI 2.0 Updates - Now At OS Level

US We should start to see more integration      09/10/23

At SynthFest UK 2023, Jean-Baptiste Theibaut (JB) from The MIDI Association  and Gaz Williams discussed the evolution of MIDI technology, specifically highlighting the adoption of MIDI 2.0 by manufacturers and its potential benefits. JB emphasized the importance of operating system and audio workstation support for developers to create MIDI 2.0 products effectively. He noted that Apple has already fully embraced MIDI 2.0, offering developers the opportunity to test their products with Logic and Apple software. Furthermore, JB shared insights into ongoing efforts to convince organizations like Microsoft to implement MIDI 2.0 support and the expected timeline for such developments.

MIDI 2.0 offers significant advantages over its predecessor, MIDI 1.0, primarily in terms of increased resolution for controllers, providing 16,000 steps for smoother parameter adjustments. The MIDI Association has also focused on simplifying device compatibility, allowing MIDI 2.0 devices to communicate and optimize settings automatically. This improved control and communication will enhance the user experience and eliminate the need for features like MIDI panic. Additionally, MIDI 2.0 addresses issues related to message prioritization and jitter, providing a more reliable and precise MIDI communication standard for the future.

For more information about MIDI 2.0 and its advancements, you can visit The MIDI Association's website here. MIDI 2.0 promises to usher in a new era of expressive and accurate music production with its enhanced capabilities and compatibility, ensuring that it remains a fundamental tool for musicians and creators.

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