Universal Audio Announces UAFX OX Stomp

US Dynamic speaker emulator in a stompbox      04/10/23

Universal Audio Announces UAFX OX Stomp

Universal Audio Inc. (UA) has introduced OX Stomp Dynamic Speaker Emulator, the fourteenth pedal in the UAFX lineup.

They say that, built upon powerful UAFX dual-engine processing and UA's world-leading analog modeling, OX Stomp gives guitarists three dimensional, album-ready guitar tones with authentic-sounding cabinets, mics, room modeling, and studio-quality effects, making it the perfect companion for any amp modeler, in studio or on stage.

Tore Mogensen, Senior UA Product Manager, told us, "When we released the original OX Amp Top Box, we were thrilled to see the demand from guitarists who appreciated the sonic authenticity of our modeling. At the same time, some guitarists didn't need the reactive load box feature of OX - they just wanted the cabinet, mic and room emulations. OX Stomp hits that nail on the head, and lets them take their tone to the next level."

Key Features:

  • The most authentic sounding speaker, cab, mic, and room tones ever emulated in a stompbox.
  • Dynamic speaker modeling including speaker breakup, drive, and cone cry
  • Over 100 curated RIGs perfect for any amp emulator or genre for endless inspiration
  • Studio-quality effects including genuine UA 1176 compression, plate reverb, EQ, and stereo delay (dual, crossover, ping-pong) for perfectly produced tones
  • UAFX Control app for fine-tuning mics, effects, and footswitch configurations
  • Silent switching, buffered bypass, analog dry through


*OX Stomp is designed for instrument and line level only -- it's not a speaker load or power attenuator. OX Stomp Dynamic Speaker Emulator requires a modern 400 mA isolated power supply (sold separately).

Pricing and Availability:


More information:


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