Bristronica 2023: Bastl - ARP

US Tiny chiptune flavoured module      01/10/23

We had the chance to chat with Vaclav from Bastl Instruments at Machina Bristronica 2023, where he introduced us to their latest creation, the Kastle ARP. This tiny synthesizer is part of the Kastle family and is designed for generating arpeggio-style sounds with an 8-bit character. The Kastle ARP features integrated LFO modulation, allowing you to shape your sounds dynamically, with options to change the root note, adjust modulation depth, timbre, and tempo. It's a versatile tool for creating chiptune-like melodies and patterns. Powered via USB or three AA batteries, the Kastle ARP offers an affordable entry point into the world of semi-modular synthesis, making it a great addition to any setup With the ability to patch it into your existing modular rig or devices via input/output ports. Paired with the Kastle Drum and Basil Delay modules, you can enhance your sonic palette even further. To dive deeper into Bastl Instruments and explore their Kastle ARP and other products, check out their website.

Bastl Instruments ARP Price: £116

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