Two Notes Introduces Captor X SE

US Limited run compact reactive load box and more celebrates 15 years of business      22/09/23

Two notes Audio Engineering has announced the immediate availability of the limited-run Captor X SE. Here's their press release with the details...

Sporting a limited-run vintage-inspired colorway, alongside an all-new Anniversary Edition DynIR™ cabinet collection*, Captor X SE represents the culmination of Two notes' 15-years stint pioneering modern loadbox technology. "Feature-packed" doesn't cut it. It's a compact reactive load box. It's a tube amp attenuator. It's a mic-ed cab simulator. It's a static IR loader. It's a stereo expander. It's packed with a raft of studio-grade Post FX to tweak your tone to perfection. Expertly engineered to deliver stand-out sonics for home, live and studio use, Captor X SE is the undisputed 'player's choice', empowering you with every tool to define - and redefine - your sonic signature.

"For 15-years Two notes has operated under a singular guiding mantra: create solutions that inspire our customer's creativity to make amazing music with flawless, controllable tone. Today, we're a mainstay in the backlines of countless touring acts and a permanent fixture in some of the world's elite studios. Why? Our premier "Go Direct" product roster and a 600+ strong class-leading virtual cabinet catalog. Our latest limited-run, special-edition Captor X represents the distillation of everything we've learnt, commemorating our tenure in the exciting and ever-changing music-instrument sector. Fusing everything that made its predecessor so successful - plus a purpose-captured cabinet collection and presets from the one-and-only Pete Thorn - Captor X SE is a true piece of Two notes history and a certified must-have for the modern load-box aficionado! What's in store for 2024? Well, that would be telling, but I will say we can't wait to show you what we've been working on - see you at NAMM 2024!" Guillaume Pille, Two notes CEO

Pricing and Availability:
Captor X SE is available immediately from select Two notes resellers and Two notes directly, shipping with the following MAP / MSRP pricing:
Euro MSRP: 599.99€
GBP MSRP: £499.99
USD MAP: $599.99

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