Trick Out Your Synths With Heinakroon Custom Overlays

US Colour code your synths, change the knobs too      04/09/23

Heinakroon have been adding more and more of their beautifully designed front panel overlays and convenient accessories, for your synths.

Their overlays which are no longer the removable type but instead are made of vehicle-grade glossy self-adhesive vinyl and are fastened directly on the instrument's front panel - after removing any knobs and screws. Not for everyone but fine if you are looking to make a semi-permanent addition to your beloved synths. 

I was impressed by their Slimline LED CV Patch Cables for Eurorack Modular which come in a 5 pack - however potentially a little costly if you needed to buy a lot. However the LED provide really great feedback for positive voltages and red for negative voltages.

Recently added is their set of colour-coded rubberised knobs for the Pro-800, which are touted to have a much better grip and a very distinct indicator line for ease of use.

Apparently the overlays are are easy to remove. Just tease a corner of the overlay loose from the front panel and gently pull it off. It won't damage the synth or leave any traces of glue or other residue on the front panel.

At the moment this appears to be exclusive to the latest Behringer range but they do seem to suggest that they could be diversifying in the future.

We have seen a number of overlays being developed over the years. Do you use them and if so would you prefer adhesive or removable types? What synth do you have that would benefit from these?

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