Silhouette Eins Vinyl Release

US Visual to sound synth gets its first pressing      21/08/23

Silhouette Eins Vinyl Release

We've covered the incredible Silhouette Eins Synthesizer at Superbooth in the last few years. For those unaware, it's a synth which uses images and videos to create synthesized waveforms. The latest version actually does sound to visuals too, which can then be visually scanned for further audio playback! A release featuring the synth is ready for pre-order by Ivan Pavlov aka CoH, entitled 'Radiant Faults' - with some very special vinyl styles. 

Here's a piece on the release about the synth:

The Silhouette Eins is a unique instrument combining the 1920's concept of an "optical soundtrack" with a hardware synth interface to Pure Data: a visual programming language for producing interactive music, using real- time video signal in its synthesis of sound. Pavlov's attempted manipulations were answered by indecipherable transmissions from some distant, unknowable place. Stark waveforms drone and bend against skeletal metronomes; murmured pulses flicker down empty corridors; high fluorescent tones gleam and glitch in zero gravity – the mood throughout is one of generative whispers, hidden sentience, and ghosts in the machinery. A post-human terrain of scaffolding, shadows, and semi-conscious circuitry, rippling with veiled energies.


Here's our latest video on the synth:

Pre-order and find out more about the release here:


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