Depeche Mode FOH Gear Rundown

US Jamie Pollock shares his knowledge      14/08/23

Depeche Mode released their 15th album this year, Memento Mori - and here we have a video from TC Electronic, speaking to Jamie Pollock on his FOH gear. He has a large amount of outboard gear - stating that every sound will at some point hit an analog circuit - covering the stereo chain, some vocal effects, and much more.

Here's Jamie talking about his FOH work with Nine Inch Nails:

Here's some more info on the video:

We met with Sound Engineer Jamie Pollock before the Depeche Show in Copenhagen and discussed how Jamie uses his gear. The System 6000 and the Clarity M Loudness meter are some of Jamie's most important tools when mixing the band.

Depeche Mode:

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