The Best IDM Albums of All Time

US Multiple lists compiled for your listening pleasure      11/08/23

The Best IDM Albums of All Time

A new article on Pitchbend outlines what it says are the top 40 IDM albums. Neatly it does offer the albums split up by decade, and you'll find all kinds of artist on there - well known and otherwise. Amongst the obvious entries like Aphex Twin, Mu-ziq, Boards of Canada, Autechre, and Squarepusher - you may find some hidden gems. See the full PitchBend list here

Many other sites have taken on the challenge: 

Here is what the Subreddit dedicated to IDM listed as their top 50:

'Rate Your Music' has a list compiled here, with a staggering 126 pages of rated IDM Albums:

'Album Of The Year' also throws their hat in the ring:

'Treblezine' has listed their top 10 too:

And finally 'Ptichdfork' provided their top 50, with an accompanying Spotify playlist

Are there any they've missed?

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