Major MIDISID Update

US Modern MIDI control for C64 inspired Synth      21/07/23

Earlier this year we reported on the MIDISID - a modern take on the legendary SID chip, with two chips for 6 MIDI-controlled voices. It's recently been updated with changes to the physical layout, as well as the on-board firmware. Users can now control or modulate the SIDs' parameters using MIDI CC messages! Details of the CC control are in Appendix F of the manual: 

More details here:

MIDISID contains two SID chips (supplied with two modern SID replacements) for a total of six voices, driven by MIDI input. Each voice has configurable waveform, ADSR envelope, pulse width and more. The chips also feature filtering and more advanced features such as ring modulation and waveform sync.  A menu system and four push-switch rotary encoders allow you to design sounds or choose preset sounds and mode of operation.

The support and sales I've had have enabled me to spend the time developing the hardware and firmware. In May I released a major revision.

The footprint is slightly larger, the top is angled forwards, knobs and screen have been repositioned, custom sides partially enclose the electronics. All of this make the device more user-friendly; you can see the screen when sitting back from it and your hand doesn't obscure the screen when  using the knobs. The overall design is a little reminiscent of the breadbin C64 case that originally housed the SID chip.

The biggest addition to the firmware is by popular request. Users wanted to be able to control or modulate any of the SIDs' parameters using MIDI CC messages, and so now this is in place. 

The price remains the same.


MIDISID's home page is


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