5 Minutes With - Arturia MiniBrute

US One of the first synths of the analogue rennaisance      20/07/23

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Another cracking exploration of the Arturia MiniBrute  from Chris at BooElectric.com.
Some argue that this is the synth that started the new era of affordable analogues. First released in 2012 and cause a bit of a stir with its fairly comprehensive synthesis options, and of course the Steiner-Parker derived  filter which was developed with Yves Usson.

Of course it was also well known for its rubberized coating, which when new had a certain feel to it, but as time goes on seems to decompose and get rather sticky.

The original Minibrute has been superseded by the MiniBrute 2 and 2S which you can still buy, but the original has a certain something.


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