Splice Introduce Create: Building a Unique Stack of Sounds

US AI Analysis of content for custom selections      29/06/23

Splice have announced Create: a new A.I. based feature which selects a complimentary selection of 8 layers based on your desired style or sound. There are numerous features which allow the chosen layers to be altered, switched, and modified, with performative options for the layer mix. Stacks can be saved in your library and reloaded later. Here's the info from their site:

You might have noticed a new item in the left-hand navigation bar on the Splice website. This AI-powered tool, which we're rolling out over the coming months, gives you a way to create musical ideas comprising up to 8 layers (aka Stacks) using sounds from our immense catalog, paired together by our tech to provide billions of musical combinations that nobody's heard before.

Stacks are saved in your library, which you can dip into whenever you need a fresh idea to work on, or inspo for a new track. Stacks are the perfect songstarter, and there's no limit to how many you can create. You don't even need a Splice plan to make Stacks, but you do need to be a Subscriber to download the sounds and export them to your DAW.

Users of our CoSo App have been creating Stacks for a while, but the new feature Create feature is the first outing of the technology on the Splice website. And like everything we build, it's designed with the creator in mind. The Create [beta] feature is here to help your creative process, by giving you new ways and more choice when starting your journeys into music creation.

By putting your natural creative instinct in overdrive, we hope you'll be able to make more of the music you want to make, and feel the joy of making music more often. And though it's powered by AI, we're keen to stress that Create [beta] is here to help--not replace--your creative process. It streamlines your workflow while keeping you in control of your artistic vision. We're constantly developing new technologies to help you unlock your creative potential and there's lots more to come--we'll be rolling the feature out to more Splice experiences soon. We'd love to hear your feedback.

Click on Create [beta], make some Stacks, and click the 'Give Feedback' button at the top of the Stacks player. We hope it inspires you.


Try create for yourself here: https://splice.com/sounds/create

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