Slate Digital Releases Transient Shaper

US A new module for their Virtual Mix Rack      26/06/23

Slate Digital has released Transient Shaper, the most recent addition to its Virtual Mix Rack audio plugin. They say that Transient Shaper is a versatile sound-shaping software tool that everyone in audio production can take advantage of, no matter what genre or style they're working in. A spokesperson told us, "With unique features like its Focus sliders and Listen button, Transient Shaper redefines expectations for transient plugins."

Here's more details from Slate Digital...

Though it lives inside the Virtual Mix Rack, widely recognized for its premium analog hardware emulations, this plugin isn't just for fans of analog production – Transient Shaper's intuitive and powerful functionality offers an ease of use that will instantly resonate with producers, engineers, sound designers and artists from all skill levels. It's so dead-simple, users brand new to music creation and audio production will find themselves sculpting their sounds with ease and a minimal learning curve.

Transient Shaper is made up of three dedicated processing sections that let you adjust both the transient and sustain of your input signal and route a specific signal path to the output. The plugin is also equipped with two 'Focus' sliders that allow you to isolate the specific frequencies you'd like to shape. Perfect for tightening drums, boosting bass hits, taming string instrument peaks and gluing sounds together, Transient Shaper is a must-have in any audio production workflow.

"We're very excited to add Transient Shaper to the already-impressive collection of audio tools that make up Virtual Mix Rack," said Slate Digital CEO John Bastianelli. "Where some of our other tools like Storch Filter and Murda Melodies are designed for creative exploration, Transient Shaper is a simple yet essential tool that packs a serious punch, giving both new and experienced creators extensive sound shaping control".

All Access Pass - Pricing and Availability

Transient Shaper is available now in the Virtual Mix Rack for All Access Pass subscribers. It's also available as a stand-alone plugin with a perpetual license for $149.

The Slate Digital All Access Pass features dozens of award-winning plugins like MetaTune and Murda Melodies, in addition to third-party offerings from Kilohearts and Sonic Academy like Multipass and the ANA 2 Ultra Bundle. It also includes hours of video masterclasses via Slate Academy, pro mix templates for all major DAWs, and thousands of unique royalty-free samples. The All Access Pass starts at just $9.99 per month, or $149 for the year.

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