Moog Just Sold to InMusic - Joining Akai and Alesis

US What does it mean?      13/06/23

Moog Just Sold to InMusic - Joining Akai and Alesis

We've heard rumours of Moog looking for a buyer for some months now and today details today have emerged that they have been acquired by InMusic - who also own, Akai, Alesis, Air Technology (Plug-ins), Denon DJ and Denon Professional, Arkaos, M-Audio and many other brands.

Its being pitched as a "joining of forces" or a "merging of interests" rather than a "we needed to raise some cash and have been looking for a buyer" as CEO of InMusic Jack O'donnell  shared his personal journey with a Moog modular system, highlighting the profound impact that Bob Moog's vision and instruments have had on his career while on a visit to the Moog HQ in Asheville NC.

But however you spin it, its a fascinating development. Moog are a premium brand and have made and continue to make some outstanding instruments, but we think (and this is speculation) that the difficult journey the Moog One had  coming to market, together with the global increase in components, had them looking for another partner to help them achieve more economy of scale.

What does this mean for Moog? Probably more of the same, with their premium brand and associated products continuing on for now. But we also know that InMusic didn't get to be as big as they have become without some hard nosed business acumen.

If we had to predict, we'd say certain Moog products where the profit margin is low might fall away, there will continue to be some premium instruments built, we'll see more of the Mavis, Mother-32, DFAM and Subharmonicon type of product, as well as some Moog appearing in software for the MPC platform and Air plug-ins?

This may be alluded to in the following statement released today:

The collaboration between Moog Music and inMusic will usher in an exciting new chapter of innovation, introducing a range of groundbreaking instruments for creatives worldwide. This partnership will expand Moog Music's reach into new communities while continuing to push the boundaries of music technology. The shared values, mission, and legacy between the two companies make this alliance a remarkable opportunity for Moog Music and its dedicated community.

and ...

Leveraging inMusic's global distribution and supply chain network will facilitate greater accessibility for Moog instruments around the world. Furthermore, Moog Music's deep expertise in analog synthesis will enhance the capabilities of inMusic and its exclusive brands.

Long term engineer Steve Dunnington is heading up the product development team and we imagine there will be a period of change ahead for the company.

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