Superbooth 2023: Tubbutec - MC2oh2

US The Roland MC202 upgrade is now available      13/05/23

At Superbooth 2023, we spoke to Tobias from Tubbutec about the company's latest offerings. First up is the MC2oh2 mod, which is now available for €250. It's an upgrade for the original MC202, and brings a range of new features, including a 32-pattern sequencer with chaining capabilities, arpeggiator with Euclidean mode, and extra modulations such as LFOs and envelopes. The mod also adds noise with various noise colors. The MC202 mod will be available as a kit for the RE202 project by DinSync, which is a replica of the original MC202. Tobias also presented a microtune module, which is a MIDI 2CV/CV2MIDI and quantizer with clock generator. It's a versatile module that can load scales from an SD card, work microtonally, and tune VCOs. It's available for €340 for the base unit and €171 and €84 for expanders.

Tobias also showcased the 6mod6, a TR606 module with original circuitry but with extra flexibility and functionality. The 6equencer sequencer is built to compliment the 6mod6 but can send TR sequencing wherever you choose. It has eight channels for triggering or gating with a range of functions such as song mode, probability, swing, and more. Tubbutec also offers vintage synthesizer upgrades, including a universal interface for string machines and organs that can be used to interface with MIDI and an interface for Yamaha SK20, SK30, and SK50D synthesizers that adds MIDI input, an additional LFO, and other useful features. The soldering level required for the MC202 mod is minimal, but Tubbutec provides a list of synth techs around the world who can perform the installation for anyone with a fear of soldering.

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