Superbooth 2023: Arturia - Microfreak Stellar - Firmware Update

US New sample and granular functionality and a new space-inspired paint job      12/05/23

Edouard from Arturia unveiled the new firmware update for MicroFreak boasting a range of new features such as envelope snap mode, random key tracking, and 64 new presets for free. The firmware update also extends the preset memory from 300 to 500. The biggest surprise is the new sample engine, which allows users to use built-in samples and import their own samples into the machine through the utility. The sample engine has four modes, and the first mode enables users to browse through with the start position, play the sample in reverse and loop it, and two new granular engines further expand the Freaks capabilities.

Arturia has also released MicroFreak Stellar, which is a limited edition with new iconography and is designed to encourage sound exploration in a playful way. 

Microfreak Stellar Price: 349 Euros

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