Superbooth 2023: WMD/AMMT - VCA Mark III - HiHat

US AMMT and WMD working together on new modules      11/05/23

At Superbooth 2023, Sonicstate spoke to Alex from AMMT/WMD about the big changes occurring in the company. WMD is continuing to produce its mixer and voice architecture modules, such as Carbon Filter and Javelin, as well as the new digital VCA Mark III module. The updated VCA features zero crossing detection which eradicates pops and is available at the end of the year. AMMT is presenting the HiHat, a sample player and interface designed to make hi-hats and percussive textures. It is still a prototype with no name yet, but it features an open and closed input, two layers of samples, and various controls to mix the samples and create the desired hi-hat.

WMD was previously manufacturing for other companies as well as their own, and with this change, both companies are sharing the workload and reducing their product lines to be smaller and more focused. AMMT and WMD are working on new products which should be available by the end of the year.

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