SUPERBOOTH 2024: WMD - Performance Mixer MKII

US Versatile mixer for live and studio      18/05/24

At Superbooth 2024, Alex from WMD showcased the highly anticipated Performance Mixer MKII, a revamped version of the previous model with a slew of new features. The 8-channel mixer now offers stereo or dual mono configuration, crossfading capabilities, two stereo auxiliary sends, a third stereo bus, clickless mutes, Q-mixing for pre-fader listening, and a balanced TRS master output for seamless connectivity. The addition of voltage-controllable levels, panning, and effects, along with individual channel strips for easy maintenance, make this mixer a versatile tool for live performances and studio recordings. Notably, the Performance Mixer MKII also includes MIDI output for recording fader automation into a DAW, ensuring precise control and playback of mixes.

Performance Mixer MKII Available to pre-order now. Shipping: September 2024.

Price: 1,500 USD

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