Audified Rebrands

US New website, streamlined product portfolio, and associated licensing mechanism      27/04/23

Audified Rebrands

Audified has announced rebranding anchored around a new website, streamlined product portfolio, and associated licensing mechanism. Here's their press statement:

After more than 20 years of R&D, education, and collaboration associated with its notable name (and also those of earlier entities), software application, software effect, and hardware processor developer Audified is proud to announce a rebrand -- anchored around the launch of its new website, streamlined product portfolio, and associated licensing mechanism -- as of April 26...

Acting as an anchor to Audified's rebranding exercise is its new website, which is more manageable in operation while bringing a new visual identity to both company and products -- signalled still further by the introduction of a new logo that better reflects its name. Consequently, customers can easily access all the important information -- such as downloads, invoices, and license overview -- available in their account, all of which will be migrated to the new website by simply resetting their password. An automated support system has been built from the ground up and applied alongside an abundance of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) articles addressing common customer issues. Improvements have also been made to allow for downloading trial versions of software products in a few simple steps, while the streamlined shopping process also assists in providing the best experience possible for new and current customers engaging with a more modern and user-friendly website.

With the launch of its new website, Audified is streamlining its product portfolio to better focus on the categories it collectively considers itself as being best at continuously improving -- initially starting with Boutique Studio Bundle (, comprising the RZ062 Equalizer plug-in bundle (based around authentic namesake models of the now-scarce and sought-after, Sixties-vintage Klangfilm RZ062a and RZ062b valve EQ modules made by German giant Siemens for installation in its film sound-centric Universal Mixing and Control Console), U73b Compressor (authentic emulation of its Sixties-vintage hardware namesake, now seldom seen as an all-tube vari-mu -- variable gain -- German broadcast compressor/limiter later involved in mastering almost all vinyl recorded and cut in Europe into the early Eighties, thanks to the speedy nature of the forward triggered sidechain and adjustable release time implemented in its design), and associated U78 Saturator spinoff (supplementing meticulous models of the aforesaid hardware's tube saturation with LowPass and HighPass filters alongside a unique Tone filter for adding characteristic colouration to any sound); GK Amplification 3 Pro (, produced as an evolutionary next step in this Gallien- Krueger amps- and speakers-modelling fan-favourite representing the most advanced Gallien-Krueger amp simulator out there; and MixChecker Pro (, an aptly-named unique and useful plug-in for quickly checking reference mixes (without having to export them for listening on different speaker setups) with more than 60 different simulated devices, the overall gain of which were all normalised to the same objective loudness using an algorithm derived from the LKFS (Loudness, K-weighted, relative to Full Scale) loudness standard designed to enable normalisation of audio levels for delivery of broadcast TV and other video (as standardised in ITU-R BS.1770-3) -- itself the subject of being reworked with many more features in readiness for release during Q4 2023. Thereafter, popular products such as Audified's ToneSpot series of all-in-one mixing plug-ins -- each created to represent the whole processing chain needed for mixing a specific instrument -- are also being revamped ready for relaunch in 2024, while other 'oddities' are set to make a comeback in a different form or forming part of different products.

Also acting as an anchor to Audified's rebranding exercise is its decision to move away from both its own serial number-based protection system and iLok in favour of a new licensing mechanism that does not necessitate the use of any kind of license management system and allows for seven-day trials as well as two activations and two deactivations per license. "We feel that iLok slowed us down and didn't allow us to really create a great customer experience and journey," notes Audified Product Marketing Manager Simon Ille -- unlike that new licensing mechanism, whereby customers simply enter the license key within the product itself after installation. It is well worth noting, however, that it is perfectly possible to migrate old iLok licenses to new licenses for Audified products sold on the new website, while discontinued products will, of course, continue to work for their owners -- irrespective of whether they are working with the iLok licensing system or otherwise. On top of that, support will also continue for discontinued products, which will all be updated to work with the newest operating systems -- including Apple silicon.

Saying that, then, anyone pointing their web browser at the rebranded Audified's all-new website will surely be impressed with what they find there, both product-wise and otherwise.

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