NAMM 2023: Rhodes V8 Pro Plugin

US Laser guided samples      18/04/23

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We spoke to  Dan from Rhodes, who introduced the V8 Pro, the first official Rhodes software that encompasses a deeply sampled and modeled Mark 8. The V8 Pro engine is running 30,000 samples with up to 127 laser  guided velocities per note, resulting in an unprecedented depth. The UI has been designed by Axel Hartman and the front panel is a blown-up version of the Walnut Market.
Rhodes has gone to great lengths to create super-authentic software that feels like a real instrument. The V8 Pro also includes a V8, a lower-priced model with a more limited feature set.

The V8 Pro has modeled analog effects from the Mark 8, including a resonant mid-range EQ and a unique varipan circuit that stands for variable panning, giving you all the classic panning sounds, just like the Mark 8. The V8 Pro also has different wave shapes for the panning to achieve different feels.
Rhodes has added sync buttons for all the time-based effects, so you can sync to your DAW's internal tempo or incoming midi clock. You can also assign every single control to the midi CC, making it easier to get into the performance with the instrument. More info on the V8 Pro and the Mark 8 can be found on the Rhodes website.

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