NAMM 2023: Rhodes MK8 Now With FX

US Analog FX board on show      18/04/23

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Back at the Rhodes booth with  Dan  looking at the  new Rhodes  MK8 now with FX FX board. This flagship model has the preamp from the preamp version of the piano and a layer of digital control over the top, which allows for future MIDI control as well as detailed settings.

The VCA-based compressor, bucket brigade-based stereo chorus circuit, and envelope filter from the FX section bring a whole new dimension to the Rhodes. All of these effects are self-contained in one box, which means you don't have to drag a pedal board with you or have them sitting on top. Additionally, you can assign expression pedal controls for chorus rate, phaser rate, and delay time/mix, which is incredibly useful when playing.

The MK8 FX is designed to keep noise levels in check and flatter the Rhodes signal, so these seemingly standard analog effects are much deeper than that, especially since they are intimately integrated with the Rhodes itself. The beauty of the circuit is that with digital control, future firmware updates can add more requested features. The two expression inputs on the right-hand side accept control voltage inputs from modules, and assigning different foot controls is easy. You just hit the switch for the effect you want, set the upper limit to your taste, and go! The Rhodes MK8 FX offers classic sounds as well as creative possibilities, and it's exciting to think about what future updates may bring.

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