NAMM 2023: Audient - iD 24 Interface

US Audient release the spiritual heir to the iD 22      15/04/23

At NAMM 2023, Sonicstate caught up with Andrew Allen from Audient to discuss the company's latest offering the iD 24 audio interface. Although the iD 24 is a new model, Allen describes it as being the spiritual heir to the company's first iD 22 interface, which was launched ten years ago. The iD range is built around Audient Console Mic preamps, which were originally designed for large-format recording consoles. The preamp circuit found in the ID range is the same design, which means users can get console sound on their desktop. The iD 24 benefits from all of the recent Mark 2 updates to the range, including Advanced Monitor Control, which features a dedicated dim and cut button, an iD button, three F keys that can be customized for monitoring functions, and an independent dual headphone output.

Additionally, the iD 24 has a J-FET-DI that is based on old classic vintage amplifiers and provides a warm sonic foundation for use with amp sims. On the rear panel there are balanced inserts on channels 1 and 2, which allow users to access the ADCs directly and bypass the built-in mic preamp. The iD 24 also has ADAT in and out, USB-C, and a word clock out for solid clocking, and it's super portable with no external power supply needed. The ID 24 is now available worldwide.

Audient iD24 Price: 399 USD

Audient iD 24: 

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