NAMM 2023: Verbos Electronics - Real World Interface

US New module from Verbos generates control signals from real world sounds      14/04/23

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Mark Verbos from Verbos Electronics has unveiled their latest product, the Real World Interface, at the NAMM show in 2023. Designed to allow sounds from the outside world to be integrated into a system, the module includes internal microphones, and accepts any kind of signal that can be patched before the preamps. It includes an envelope follower and a gate extractor on the outside channels, a preamp followed by an automatic gain control, compressor, a fundamental extractor, tracking low pass filter, and a locked oscillator and pitch CV extractors on the center channel.

The Real World Interface module allows monophonic external sounds to be sent through the center channel, with the locked oscillator following along on the pitch of those sounds. The CV coming out could be used to make another oscillator track along with that. The Real World Interface also allows for interesting dynamics processing with an envelope follower and a VCA, and other classic external processing patches like using the envelope follower to change the filter cut off. 

Shipping: late July or early August.

Price: TBC

More info:

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