NAMM 2023: FabFilter - Twin 3 - Timeless 3 - Volcano 3

US FabFilter plugins get a visible modulation update      14/04/23

Eric Burgess from FabFilter introduced us to their newly updated plugins. Twin 3 synth, Timeless 3 and Volcano 3. All the updates have followed an overhaul in their modulation systems which have been made more visual now, with Timeless 3 recieving some significant updates. The sound sources themselves have oscilloscopes built-in and  is more beginner-friendly now, simpler patches look simpler and complicated patches look more complicated. You can go deeper if you need to go deeper into the parameters. You can easily see what's going on and the products are visually stunning.

Individual Prices: £109

Total Bundle (14 plugins): £769

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