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US Soundtrack Loops c64 8 Bit Adventure features an accordion built from two C64 computers      05/04/23

Soundtrack Loops has introduced c64 8 Bit Adventure Loops & One-shots w/ Drum & Kontakt Kits. A spokesperson told us, "A while back some sites shared news about a man named Linus Åkesson who invented his own instrument called the Commodordian and we loved it so much that we reached out to him and hired him to make us a sample/loop pack."

Here's the details direct from Soundtrack Loops...

Swedish coder and producer Linus Åkesson is one very serious circuit bender--check out his immense and highly captivating body of work over at, where you'll find some very deep dives into C64 programming, sound design, original music composition, and a great deal more. Clearly, Linus loves to share, and so here we have C64 8-Bit Adventure, a collection of loops, one shots and more, all generated by a bespoke musical instrument that Linus has dubbed the Commodordian--an 'accordion' comprising two C64 computers that bookend a real, functional bellows system constructed of an origami-like assembly of 5.25" paper floppy disc casings! This instrument sets C64 8-Bit Adventure apart--the bellows is actually an electro-mechanical modulator that changes the sound as it's being played. And so here, in a package containing 82 loops (distributed across 10 different theme kits), 168 delightful one shots, 9 Kontakt .nki files, and an Ableton Drum Rack, we have the sound of the Commodordian--an one-off, genius-grade, mad scientist-level instrument that captures the classic sounds of the Commodore 64 computer in all its 8-bit glory, and with added organic modulations that go far beyond typical circuit bending exercises, and into some truly esoteric and fun places.

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