Nektar Updates Aruba (was Aura) Beat Composer - Live Integration And more

US Big Nektarine update too      23/03/23

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Nektar Technologies Aruba, was previously known as Aura is a hardware beat composer, with 16 pads, display with on board timing engine, sequencer and deep integration with the DAW.

We had a visit from Tim who ran us through the firmware update which comes a long with the renamed product which includes an onboard Timing Engine for repeats, rolls and flams, plus a 16 track beat sequencer. 
We also see how the new Ableton Live integration works.

In the second part of the video, we see the new Nektarine Plug-in   which is a host within a host for constructing 16 slot kits from samples, plug-ins and FX or when used with the Pa dn T series keyboards, complex multi-patches.

Aruba is available now priced at £289 or less/ $349 and comes with Nektarine. 

This is a sponsored presentation.

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