Polybrute Noir Edition Announced

US Tasty new livery for the Brute - limited edition      07/02/23

Polybrute Noir Edition Announced

Arturia have announced the PolyBrute Noir which is available as a limited edition in black livery with a couple of coloured pots for the two filter types. There's no difference other than the new look which we must say is rather fetching.

We reviewed the 6 voice analog morphing synthesizer when it was released and were pretty impressed with it as an instrument. The unique morphing capabilities really opens up the expression and sound design possibilities, making each patch able to morph between an A and B settings, either directly with the morph knob or controlled via the Morphée controller. You also will get the latest OS which includes the duophonic aftertouch feature which has effectively two channels based on two consecutive note presses - eg chord in one hand has its own AT channel and a top line in the other has its own independent AT depth - in practice its actually very intuitive and in lieu of bona-fide poly AT is a good substitution.

Arturia say the price for this will be €2699 - but you need to check your local dealer for availability - this is a limited edition, though we're not sure exactly how many will be made.



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