Kontakt Library With 73 Percussion Instruments

US Soundiron releases Rhythmic Origins      19/01/23

Soundiron describes Rhythmic Origins as a comprehensively multi-sampled catalog of UK percussionist David Oliver's globe-spanning collection of rare, specialty, ethnic and concert drums and hand percussion instruments. They say that it's a massive library that captures 73 different percussion instruments of all shapes and sizes offering a variety of primary and effect articulations.

A spokesperson told us, "Rhythmic Origins is an extraordinary toolbox as a stand-alone collection and also serves as the perfect companion to David Oliver's Rhythmic Odyssey, our popular multi-track percussion loop, phrase and construction library that features many of the same instruments."

This library is built for the full version of Kontakt 6.5.3 or later.

Pricing and Availability:
 On sale for $89 (MSRP $119)

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