Best Service releases Chris Hein - OCTA

US Functions as a solo instrument or an ensemble of 8 instruments      06/01/23

Best Service has introduced Chris Hein´s latest product. They say that Chris Hein - OCTA is a musical workhorse that is incredibly adaptable and easy to be inspired by. Here's more details direct from the company...

Included are 100 high quality solo instruments, 8 core multi channel instruments, and an 8 channel sequencer. Compose with a solo instrument or an ensemble of (up to) 8 instruments and let your creativity run wild.

The sonic magic comes to light when you combine and layer different instruments. Imagine the wooden attack of a marimba combined with the metallic sustain of a vibraphone - the possibilities are almost endless.

The integrated sequencer is the centerpiece of Chris Hein - OCTA. Play anything from a single note to powerful chords and the sequencer will perfectly match your tempo and chord progression.

Top Features Overview:

  • 100 high-quality solo instruments
  • 8 multi channel instruments
  • 8 channel sequencer
  • Based on Mega Structure technology

Pricing and Availability:
Chris Hein - OCTA is available for $ 299 from Best Service and all authorized resellers. Registered users of at least one Chris Hein Library are eligible for a time-limited Loyalty Crossgrade priced at $ 239 till the end of January 2023.

More information:


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