Arturia Pigments 4 Is Out Today

US Engine enhancements, MS-20 filter and more      13/12/22

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Arturia have updated their original software Synth Pigments to V4. 
Pigments was Arturia's first original software instrument and they created something special with flexible  oscillator types, and an excellent modulation workflow with a benchmark in UI feedback.

Pigments 4 -  the Polychrome Software Synthesizer has the following additional features:

Quick drag-and-drop modulation editing, LFO waveform presets, ODDSound MTS-ESP microtuning compatibility, and more.

Enhanced engines
Wavetable engine ring mod, extra Harmonic engine phase options, and streamlined Unison controls.

New effects & filters
Introducing the MS-20 Filter, Shimmer Reverb, Super Unison, and improvements to a number of existing effects & filters.

Fresh sound exploration
Larger  selection of new factory presets, wavetables, samples, and noise types.

Pigments is reduced from €199 to €99 for new users,  the update is free to existing owners, with discounted additional sound banks (which if you don't own it yet will get for free).

There's an Intro offer running  until January 4th 2023:

For existing Pigments users
This update is free of charge. Plus get the exclusive Wavelengths Bundle with 3 new sound banks for 19.90€/$ (worth 89.97€/$), or 9.90€/$ individually (worth 29.99€/$), for a limited time.

For new Pigments users
The latest version is available to buy at 99€/$ (worth 199€/$), with the Wavelengths Bundle included at no additional cost.

Registered Arturia customers will be eligible for a personal introductory offer, and can simply login to redeem.


Check out our look at Pigments 3:


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