Vector Gets An MPE Firmware Update

US v2.8 brings new features to the synth      09/12/22

Vector Gets An MPE Firmware Update

Vector has had firmware update v2.8. Here's the details direct from its makers...

When it comes to synthesizers, there is never enough expression. Long anticipated and carefully prepared firmware update v2.8 brings us into the family of MPE capable instruments.

The new features are also available to non-MPE controllers, and the parameters can be routed to mono or poly aftertouch, pitch bend, modwheel, key velocity and others.

-- What it does --
Vector relies on immediate visual representation of what's going on. Slowly or rapidly evolving, changing timbres are synthesized by mixing and blending together four sound corners by moving a mix point per voice along parametric trajectories or envelope-driven segments.

The new firmware 2.8 exposes the trajectory and synthesis parameters:

        -Horizontal and vertical position of the mix point
        -Suborbit speed and size
        -Amplitude and pitch
        -Filter cutoff and resonance
        -Amount of phase modulation etc. during synthesis
        -Vibrato and tremolo speeds and depths

-- How is it configured --
The whole routing configuration is arranged into a neat table -- controllers to the left, destination parameters to the right. Each route can have an individually tuned translation function to deal with situations where 1:1 mapping is not enough to achieve nuanced expression. A small live preview thumbnail is provided for each destination

A single source can transmit to multiple parameters scaled in different ways with different operators.

Each routing configuration is saved along with a preset, and a couple of tools are provided to ease routing organization between presets.

-- Production status --
We managed to overcome previous component shortages and Vectors are shipped a few days after ordering. Assembly, testing and packaging are done by hand at our lab in Prague, from where we ship to all four corners of the world.

Pricing and Availability:
940€ excl. VAT

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