Vector Synth Available To Order Again

US Digital hardware synth gets a firmware update and orders start on 5th March      05/03/21

Vector Synth Available To Order Again

The people behind the Vector digital hardware synthesizer tells us that it has had a firmware update to 2.5 and orders for the next batch start on 5th March. Here's their press statement...

Reworked preset manager
The first important news is the 2.5 firmware update, which brings us yet closer to the 3.0 line. The new preset manager is now split into two categories and not only provides more capacity for user presets, but also plots a clear path to having many more built-in. If you have some interesting presets you'd like to include with Vector by default, let us know.

New formula for crossfading
One of the interesting things in this firmware update are modified mixing curves for the corners. The reason is that most of the time, the Orbiter is moving around the center and reaches the outermost edges only rarely. Using an S-shape mixing curve results in a weaker center, so the changes in timbre are more dramatic -- no need to go all the way to a corner for that corner to dominate. It's useful to think of it like increasing contrast on a picture.

Change log
- Increased contrast on the 2D plane by crossfading with an S-shape, instead of linearly
- New preset manager
- A couple of new presets added
- Available space for user presets increased
- Added tempo sync mode to persistent system settings
- Fixed the chorus Stereo switch bug
- Fixed a bug with Poly Mode not always showing the proper controls
- Increased hitbox size for some UI elements
- Other bugfixes and tweaks

New orders
After a brief pause to focus on assembly and deliveries from the last batch and regroup we're getting ready to take new orders. Even better, the production of several sub-assemblies has already started ahead of time.
As such, we're excited to announce that the shop will go live on 5th March!

Waiting times
Units from the next batch are scheduled to start shipping in May, but be sure to check the webpage before placing an order as we'll update the waiting times as the queue increases.

Pricing and Availability:
Price: 940€ incl. VAT
Payment: Full price upfront or a deposit now and the rest when your Vector is manufactured.
Shipping starts: May 2021.

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