iPad MIDI Sequencer Updated

US Version 1.5 of Octachron released      08/12/22

Octachron has been updated to version 1.5. Here's the details straight from the developers...

Octachron by Markus Teufel and Tassilo Eichler is a flexible 8 Track iPad MIDI Sequencer with rich modulation and sequencing capabilities. It is optimized for drums but also fun for basic or experimental melody lines. It works standalone or as AUv3 AudioUnit in your favorite iPad DAW (like AUM, Cubasis, Beatmaker, ApeMatrix or Nanostudio etc.).

With the new version 1.5 Octachron introduces the following exciting new features:

  • Smart Randomizer per pattern
  • Smart Randomizer appliance and configuration per row
  • Mutation of triggers per row
  • Mutation of internal and CC Modulation
  • Melodic scales with highest note on top
  • App Manual
  • New Presets: Analog Rhythm 909, Digistix, Pure Acid Drums, Sugar Bytes Drum Computer and SDS-X
  • New Logo, Grid and Font Design

Pricing and Availability:

7,99 € at the App Store

More information:




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