Kickstart A Hybrid Polyphonic Synthesizer

US Aodyo Instruments' Anyma Omega comes in keyboard and desktop versions      17/11/22

Aodyo Instruments tells us that, after Sylphyo, the electronic wind instrument and after Anyma Phi, the compact physical modelling synthesizer, they listened to the users' feedback and designed a powerful hybrid polyphonic synthesizer: Anyma Omega - now launched on Kickstarter. This is what they have to say about it...

Blending the classic ingredients of electronic music with physical modelling technology, Anyma Omega comes in two versions: keyboard and desktop.
They both include a large display and numerous controls, with unique sensitive wooden surfaces to feed the resonators and enhance expression.
Featuring 16-notes polyphony, Anyma Omega can layer, split or even chain up to 4 different sound parts.
With Anyma Omega you can use any scale or tuning, to make your sound travel all around the world and the eras.

Main features:
- Polyphonic physical modelling synthesizer
- Two versions: keyboard and desktop
- 16 notes of polyphony
- Layer, split or chain up to 4 different sound parts
- Unique sensitive wooden surfaces to feed resonators and enhance expression
- Exclusive PolyMorph feature to give width, density and depth to the sound
- The power of a semi-modular synthesizer at your fingertips!

Pricing and Availability:

See Kickstarter.

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