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US Scalable UI, Preset Browser new FX and macros      01/11/22

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GForce Software have a reputation for lovingly crafting classic synth emulations and  today they announce the release of Oddity3 - their 3rd take on the classic ARP Odyssey duophonic synth. As with Oddity2, Oddity3 gives you the core sound and livery of three generations (MKI, II & III) of Odyssey with the three filter types, plus of course it has polyphony. Oddity3 now has a number of major new features over the previous version one of which - the distortion really can change the character of the original.

  • [New] Preset Browser
  • [New] Over 2000 presets including 250+ new presets
  • [New] Distortion & Matrix Reverb effects, with updated Delay
  • [New] Vintage knob for analog imperfections
  • [New] Four programmable Macros for easy manipulation of sounds
  • [New] Programmable Aftertouch and expanded Velocity controls for extra playability
  • [New] Fully-scalable UI with three authentic skins
  • Monophonic, Monophonic Legato, Duophonic and Polyphonic modes
  • 4023 (12dB), 4035 (24dB) and 4075 (24dB) lowpass filter types from all three original models, plus highpass filter
  • Two syncable Oscillators plus tunable Sub Oscillator 
  • Vast modulation options via X-Modifiers
  • Authentic Ring Modulator
  • Pan spread for wide stereo sounds

Available from today at:

Oddity3 £99.99 +VAT with an intro price of £49.99 + VAT (50% off till Nov 30th)

Mac: Standalone Application, AudioUnit, AAX, VST and VST3

PC: Standalone Application, AAX, VST and VST3


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