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US ISOVOX announces availability of ISOPOP Premium in three color choices      17/10/22

Following its ISOPOP Gold pop filter fabricated from 24K gold-plated brushed aluminium, ISOVOX has introduced a more down-to-earth-priced alternative, shipping in three color choices with two exchangeable pop filters, and designed to work with any type of microphone in every scenario, mounting directly onto a microphone stand, as well as proving to be a perfect fit for working inside the company's ISOVOX 2 vocal booth. This is what they have to say about ISOPOP Premium...

As a pro-performance pop filter, ISOPOP™ Premium is sturdy and stays securely in place, thanks to its extra-sturdy gooseneck tempered with an outer layer of soft skin. Saying that, its non-intrusive (10 cm/4") diameter makes any vocalist or voice-over artist using it more visible to anyone watching them in action while making the user's reading of lyrics or scripts somewhat easier than when working with most other pop filters.

For those who want their sound to be as transparent as possible, ISOPOP™ Premium comes complete with a Neutral Pro Filter; for those troubled by harsher treble/sibilance caused by below par-performing microphones or, obviously, the voice itself, ISOVOX includes an interchangeable De-Ess Pro Filter to soften the sound -- both being hygienic and washable.

With Bronze, Midnight, and Silver color choices available to suit varying tastes, ISOVOX's ISOPOP™ Premium is designed to work with any type of microphone in every scenario, that extra-sturdy yet flexible (35 cm/14"-long) gooseneck mounting directly onto a microphone stand or onto a desk (using the provided -- color-coordinated -- clamp with an adjustable opening accommodating up to 25 mm/1" clearance), as well as proving to be a perfect fit for working inside the company's critically-acclaimed ISOVOX® 2 vocal booth that instantly found favor with the likes of multi-million-selling British singer-songwriter Seal.

Surely any content creator, recording engineer, vocalist, or voice-over artist in the market for a pro-performance pop filter owe it to themselves -- and their craft -- to add an ISOPOP™ Premium in their chosen color to their setup. As a down-to-earth-priced premium product made in Sweden, they could, of course, always add all three colors that are available!

Pricing and Availability:

 $129.00 USD/€129.00 EUR

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