Synthfest UK 22: Studiologic - Numa-X Piano GT

US Quality hammer action with three sizes to choose from      10/10/22

Gaz met up with Simon from Soundservice MSL who introduced us to the 88-key Studiologic Numa-X piano GT.

The Numa-X GT boasts a top quality hammer-keys grand action, and is quite weighty, as you'd expect, but there are 2 lighter varieties, one of which has 73 notes that you could carry under your arm.

It carries a large sample library and a powerful new four-part hybrid modelling sound engine, with the four colour-coded assignable parts sent to internal sounds or to external midi. It also offers a four track built-in digital mixer, effects and a USB audio interface.

Studiologic Numa-X piano GT available now. Price: £1,800

The lighter 88 key version will be less, and the 73 key version will be under £1,000



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